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SolutionMethod™ describes a service methodology framework for ITSM that is based on ITIL best practices. The focus of SolutionMethod™ is to enable service, its delivery and management. It is an iterative methodology that has multiple entry points but most typically begins with business end-users/Customer requirements and concludes with a qualification and quantification of services provided to satisfy those requirements both tactically and strategically.

This evolutionary approach enables organizations the ability to adaptively integrate best practices based on their specific maturity level and priorities. SolutionMethod™ employs a phased approach to ITSM that consists of assessment, architecture and design, planning, implementation, and support. With each phase 5 perspectives of people, process, technology, organization, and integration are evaluated.

The high level goal for ITSM structure encompasses the following:

  1. Determine the current, existing IT infrastructure, processes, and services

  2. Develop some desired future state of IT and the services that it needs to provide

  3. Architect a "roadmap" that depicts how to get to the desired state from the current state

  4. Determine the steps needed to execute the "roadmap"

The SolutionMethod™ ITSM framework for each of the ITIL Service Delivery and Service Support areas is a 5 phase model:

Within this framework, SolutionMethod™ effectively enables managing IT as an enterprise wide, service oriented entity comprised of 5 separate and distinct perspectives:

The relationship between perspectives and the 5 phase ITSM implementation framework is described in ITSM Perspectives:

Download the White Paper -     (PDF, 71 KB)


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Assessment Services

In order to determine the existing status of the IT infrastructure, the processes that support it, and the services it provides, an assessment of the current environment should to be done.

This is described in ITSM Assessment Service Brief:

Download the White Paper -     (PDF, 109 KB)

This practical approach consists of 2 necessary components to assess the current status in ITIL best practices for both Service Support and Service Delivery areas. The first is an ITSM Health Check that focuses on defining and determining the current status in each area, assigning criticality based on unique requirements, and then deriving a priority ranking for tactical and strategic ITSM enhancements. The second is a set of ITSM best practices reference guidelines that describes the essential components, benefits, and possible roadblocks that will have to be considered with ITSM assessment, planning, and implementation.

In order to assist in defining the IT infrastructure, evaluate the alignment between the IT infrastructure and the appropriate business units, the business requirements, and the services that IT provides, a higher level definition of these areas should to be done.

This is described in ITSM: Using Templates to Define an IT Infrastructure:

Download the White Paper -     (PDF, 74 KB)

This practical approach uses templates to create a high level definition of appropriate areas in IT infrastructure and business requirements. Templates such as workstation, server, main frame, DBMS, data, application development, network, and organizational.

The development of these templates is based on organization and business unit mission statements and critical success factors.

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Planning Services

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Requirements Definition Process

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Implementation and Support Services

IT Service Management Processes

Service Support Processes  (Click on Any Process to Download the ITSM Service Brief)

Service Delivery Process  (Click on Any Process to Download the ITSM Service Brief)

An overview of the SolutionMethod™ approach to ITSM implementation is described in Policy Based IT Service Management:

Download the White Paper -     (PDF, 76 KB)

A description of resource and subject matter expertise requirements needed for a successful ITSM implementation effort is described in ITSM Infrastructure Support:

Download the White Paper -     (PDF, 39 KB)


Additional White Papers, Service Briefs, Spreadsheets, and Questionnaires

SolutionMethod™ Service Delivery and Service Support Assessment and Planning Service Reference Documents can be found by clicking here - Downloads Page


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